Richard Newcombe Court, Cambridge

‘Treasured Places’ Derek Hunt

Permanent Artworks

9sq m of glass canopy over the entrance way to the extra care home. There are accompanying small glass panels inset into the perimeter railings of the associated gardens. The piece incorporates layered images of historic maps, elements of text from letters between participants and interviews with residents, the colours of home and warmth radiating and illuminated by changing light through glass.

Temporary works and community engagement

The project, ‘Blurring the edges’ brought together the Museum of Cambridge, the residents of the housing scheme, the neighbours and the adjacent primary school. The year 5 pupils worked with the residents creating models of their favourite rooms and sharing stories of childhood. The central motif in the canopy is the Chinese symbol meaning home and family, as drawn by one of the residents.

Derek describes himself as a glass artist and educator, a Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an Accredited Stained Glass Conservator

the canopy installed in the main entrance


Commission: Blurring the edges

Artist: Derek Hunt, Limelight Studio’s

Materials: screen printed layered architectural glass

Location: Rackman Close, Cambridge

Client: The Cambridge Housing Society

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