Penhurst Square, Croydon

‘Folded’ Tom Pearman

The contemporary piece uses repeated coloured lines to reflect the concept of ‘network’ and travelling along a line. It includes small symbols indicating the stations, the stop points. The idea of travelling along a line also references the success of the race walker, Paul Nihill, who lived locally and after whom the street is named. The repeated lines, the symbols representing the stations, and the changes of direction represent the tram and over-ground rail networks so important to the history of the area.

The blocks of flats in this developement are attractive, but they do all look very similar. It was imperative that the public art included a way-finding device to help identify the blocks for the benefit of visitors and residents. The signage uses the block layout and the addresses of the development. Each block of apartments has a colour-coded version of the sign located adjacent or close to the main entrance. The colours are taken from the main artwork to locate the individual block of apartments within the street. It’s simple but effective and contributes to ease of navigation in otherwise identical blocks.

Many of Pearman’s works utilise screen-printing techniques. He enjoys the notion that in screen-printing all three dimensional form is flattened in an instant. It is this idea that flourishes throughout his work unrestricted by the mediums used. His work often investigates geometry, depth and perspective. He employs the language of graphic representation to depict an array of narratives and he frequently shifts and distorts this visual vocabulary to varied levels of abstraction

Commission: Penhurst Square, Croydon

Artist: Tom Pearman

Materials: screen-printed enamel on steel

Location: Nihill Place, Croydon

Client: Bellway Homes

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