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Retail in the time of Covid

The evolution of the high street and changes to the way we shop has been occurring for some time. Several long-standing brands have disappeared completely and on-line retailers are taking an increasing market-share. The corona-virus pandemic has been blamed for the difficulties faced by retail and leisure businesses, but the virus has really only facilitated the velocity of an evolution that was already underway. In order to survive, town centres and shopping arcades must find ways to entice customers back, to create an exciting destination worth visiting and talking about.

This is an arena where art and artists have a role to play in animating our town centres with culturally rich experiences. Art is more than a gallery or exhibition. Art installations that amaze, that offer immersive experiences, that are fun, become an event, part performance. They invite a response that becomes part of the event. Installations, light shows, performances are all opportunities to be explored

Experiential art creates a cultural destination that invites a response, creates a buzz, a memorable cultural moment that people want to relive and share. These moments create a conversation that brings people back to the town centres.

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Yayoi Kusama’s invitation to cover domestic interiors with flowers creates an opportunity to participate in physically in an artwork that becomes more immersive as more people take part and return to relive the experience.

This is not within the scope of the small individual business but within the domain of the town centre council or the management team of the shopping arcade. A clear strategy is required for the successful implementation of an immersive art installation. An innovative way of thinking about marketing and cultural activity to support consumer culture and behaviours.

If you would like to commission an immersive art experience for a retail or town-scape, do get in touch here