Wickhurst Green, Broadbridge Heath, Phase Two

gateway to the new neighbourhood centre

Commission: Bridging the Gap

The strategy and curated works for Broadbridge Heath was implemented in two phases. Both phase one and phase two included temporary works and community engagement. The sculpture, welcoming residents and visitors into the neighbourhood centre, consists of a series of interconnected arcs. The arcs form bridges over the space, each underside reveals a series of images sourced from historical archives.

Temporary works and engagement

Drop-in workshops, consultation with the local community. Local historian Jonathan England, provided many of the images from his research archive.

Permanent artworks

The artist, Tim Ward, created a series of interconnected circles as a sculptural gateway to the neighbourhood centre. Each arc is connected and tilted at different angle to create a feeling of drama and movement. Created from steel the undersides are lit and have vintage photographs illustrating the recent past of Broadbridge Heath. The images selected represent the local heritage of rural trades, countryside and the aspirations of the Broadbridge Heath community.

Photography by Markus Dell

Artist: Tim Ward

Materials: steel

Location: the neighbourhood centre, Wickhurst Lane, Broadbridge Heath

Client: Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd.

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