Earls Garden, Sible Hedingham

Benches at Sible Hedingham, riverside walk

The strategy for this commission focused on enhancement of the public realm as the parish council had a sculpture in storage that they wished to place in the centre of the new pocket park. The development is centred around the newly opened waterway, Along with the new footpaths and access roads there is now greater connectivity between the River and Swan Street.

The artist Tim Ward designed a suite of elements that reflect the social history of the locality, the timber yards, the straw plaiting and the importance of the river as a resource for industry and as a natural habitat. The curve of the river is used in the form of the benches and the ‘pointers’ on the wayfinders. A series of railings reflect the straw plaiting and the wayfinders have informative images and text about the history and natural flora and fauna of the area.

Commission: Earl’s Garden, Sible Hedingham

Artist: Tim Ward (Circling the Square Ltd.)

Location: Sible Hedingham

Materials: steel, oak, screen printed panels

Client: Bloor Homes

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