Plantation Road, Boreham

And Finally…….

The apple seat, image courtesy of Julie Edwards

The completed apple seat and the apple plaques were unveiled in October, by Deputy Mayor Cllr. Sue Dobson. It was a beautiful day and there was a good crowd gathered to see the ribbon cut and the seat opened for use. It looks amazing and has delighted neighbours and residents.

Community engagement in the time of Covid….

has carried on regardless, with open access meetings, and artist led ‘sketch sessions’ by zoom and contact with local groups. Local residents have contributed their knowledge and archives of orchard related materials. It’s been fascinating to meet the community and see some of the old photo’s and seed catalogues.

Julie Edwards and Ron Thompson of PlanetArt created a series of sketch books during the meetings and conversations, some of their design work is summarised as four main concepts below. The Apple Seat was chosen by the community, recently installed the landscaping is being completed.

Design examples


The ‘Apple Seat’ is the preferred option and will be located adjacent to the play area but with a view out across the fields. There is a good sight line through the site, making it visible from the main road. 5 No. plaques from design 4 will be included in the footpath connecting the popular walk around the site with Plantation Road.

The new development off Plantation Road at Boreham has a well defined layout which makes good use of the linear form of the site. The Seabrook family were instrumental in the cultivation of fruit trees exporting them internationally from their base in Boreham and the new residential development is adjacent to one of the original orchard locations. The town became an important staging post along the main road with the three pubs, The Cock, Six Bells and The Red Lion (now The Lion).


commission: ‘let’s speak of apples, juicy, red’


Ron testing the seat.

The painted finish is a work in progress with additional detail, colour to inner and outer edges, and a timber seat all to be added.

Installation in the autumn 2021.

Commission: let’s speak of apples, round and red, juice-green

Artists: Planet Art, Julie Edwards and Ron Thompson

Materials: Galvanised and painted steel, hardwood seat. Bronze plaques

Location: Boreham, Chelmsford

Client: Bloor Homes

2 thoughts on “Plantation Road, Boreham

  1. Design 3 and design 4 are wonderful because they are interactive and would not be considered frivolous en-masse as sculptures tend to be by some. I love the path and the apple shaped seat sculpture as they would both be prominent talking points. Despite the seabrook family connection, only a rare few would be able to relate to that connection in itself, but who can find apples offensive. They are symbolic of more than just a long historic orchard being here, again very few know or indeed would claim to have known this area when it was an orchard. I am not sure when the orchard itself declined and disappeared but it has long been farmland and I have struggled to find anyone who witnessed its presence, but simply have heard..

    Not sure where the installation will go , assuming the front of the estate but I am sure it will be greatly received and will add an interest for the eye and landscape, and become a landmark in its own right.


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