Beaulieu Place, Phase One, Chelmsford

‘finding the path, telling the story’

Strategy: ‘finding the path, telling the story

Strategy and curated works for this award winning development, working with architecture practice, Gardner Stewart Architects and landscape architects Randall Thorpe. The residential and commercial areas are arranged around a linear park which is the perfect location for the curated artworks.

During the Tudor period the site was used as a hunting park for King Henry VIII, the deer are no longer hunted by still present both in the form of artworks and wild muntjak and roe deer.

The artist, Jane Ackroyd specializes in animal and bird sculptures, capturing their movement and unobserved expressions. She describes her practice as ‘connecting herself to others, the natural world around her and to her earlier unselfconscious self where the world had a connectedness

Permanent artworks

Ackroyd has created two groups of stag and does from corten steel, for Beaulieu Place. In particular the stag is an iconic image associated with royalty and the groups represent extended family units. One group is situated at the site entrance at White Hart Lane, and the other around the lake at Essex Regiment Way.

Strategy and commission: ‘finding the path, telling the story

Artist: Jane Ackroyd

Materials: Corten steel

Location: Essex Regiment Way and White Hart Lane, Chelmsford

Client: Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd.


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